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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

South African quilts added to the Quilt Index

Portraits of South African Black Women of the
Anti-Apartheid Struggle by Phina Nkosi, Soweto,
Collection of the MSU Museum.
The South Africa Quilt History Project (SAQHP) is a trans-national research project to facilitate a network of individuals and institutions committed to creating access to digital texts and images related to South Africa's rich heritage of quiltmaking. The project endeavors to join forces with and augment the work of the South African Quilters'; Guild that has focused on documenting historical quilts. The SAQHP aims to provide, through the Quilt Index, a centralized, freely- accessible repository for South African quilt history and a means for museums, guilds, individual researchers, quilt owners and quilt artists to contribute information to that repository. Go to http://www.quiltindex.org/ -- a project of the MSU Museum, the Alliance for American Quilts, and Matrix -- to learn more and to view some of the first of the quilt collections from South African museums that have been added.