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Friday, June 8, 2012

Stories in Stained Glass: The Art of Samuel A. Hodge

Jim Crow Must Go by Samuel Hodges
Photo courtesy of Michigan State University Museum

The Charles Wright Museum of African American History in Detroit is featuring a long-term installation of stained glass by artist Samuel A. Hodges that focuses on three areas of African American culture and history. The Musicians celebrates everyday people who have exercised their right to interpret the world as they see it through songs and instruments.  Dance and Dancers, on the other hand, honors those artists who use their bodies as the medium to express non-verbal emotions, themes and ideas. And Freedom Advocatesis dedicated to notable African Americans who fought and died to ensure dignity and freedom for themselves and their people.  Vivid, colorful and luminescent, this exhibition provides extraordinary imagery and stories in a medium seldom used by African American artists.

Samuel Hodges windows featured in the MI Stained Glass Census