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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Michigan State University Museum shares a hearty thanks to all the artists, volunteers, sponsors and friends who helped make the Great Lakes Folk Festival a memorable celebration of culture, tradition and community. After a soggy start, we turned the weekend around weather-wise and ended on a really high note. Thanks to all the visitors who came -- and many who came back multiple times -- to enjoy the special mix of programs throughout the festival site. 

Thank you also for the many congratulations, comments and ideas. There's tremendous pride at the MSU Museum every year in putting together this special mix of skilled artists from so many corners of the world who share their talents and connect with audiences in a way that truly resonates and endures.

This event belongs to all of us, and you can be a part of its continued success in important ways: please visit our web site, http://www.greatlakesfolkfest.net, and make a donation and/or take our visitor survey!