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Monday, June 9, 2014

Earful of Fiddle Music and Dance Camp, June 16-20

campers at Earful of Fiddle 2013, photo by Barb Beyer
Summer is nearing full swing, and in the traditional music world, that means camps! One fine example in the state of Michigan is the Earful of Fiddle Music and Dance Camp, June 16-20. This camp was started in 2009 by members of the Wheatland Music Organization community, chiefly Nic Gareiss and Bruce Bauman.

From their website:
"Situated lakeside, at the friendly confines of the School Section Lake Family Camp in Mecosta, Michigan, Earful of Fiddle offers three days of classes in all levels of traditional fiddling, percussive dance, banjo, guitar and ukulele. Four nights of jam sessions and called dances allow students to hone their skills, encouraging participation and preservation within the traditional arts heritage of the Great Lakes region.

Our mission is the passing on of traditional dancing and fiddling, hand-in-hand with related instrumental traditions. We encourage learning to play and dance by ear, knee to knee, foot to foot, from the tradition bearers in a non-competitive environment. The result is the perpetuation of community-based, entertainment, and creative traditional arts practice."

a multigenerational jam session at Earful 2013, photo by Barb Beyer

This year's instructors include:

Nic Gareiss- percussive dance
Sheila Graziano- percussive dance (3 time MTAAP awardee)
Dan Gorno- percussive dance
Joe Duffey- percussive dance
David Bowen- guitar
John Warstler- guitar
John Nicholson- guitar
Budd Greeman- fiddle
Ruby John- fiddle (2014 Great Lakes Folk Festival Performer)
Susan Nicholson- fiddle
Cleek Schrey- fiddle
Bruce Bauman- fiddle
Frank Youngman- ukulele

Don't miss this excellent opportunity to expand your skills and make new connections. Follow this link to register: