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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Beth Donaldson's Quilts Spark Inspiration

Exciting news!
Two of Quilt Index Coordinator Beth Donaldson's quilts have sparked entries in this year's Quilt Alliance Inspired By Contest. Chosen out of 55,000 quilts available for viewing on the Quilt Index, this is quite an honor. We are so happy to see one of our own recognized in this way!

The first is a quilt made by Donaldson in 2011, entitled Cruz's Quilt. Julie Dugas of Asheville, North Carolina created her rendering using a modified pattern and a similar palette. This version is entitled, Mod.

Cruz's Quilt
Beth Donaldson, 2011

Julie Dugas, 2014

The second quilt entry we are highlighting is based on Donaldson's Clams Incognito from 1996. Deb Hathaway Hunter of Ocean, New Jersey, created a more literal interpretation of this pattern with her quilt, Raw Clams at the Shore.

Clams Incognito
Beth Donaldson, 1996

Raw Clams at the Shore
Deb Hathaway Hunter, 2014

Be on the look out to see which entry wins this year's contest!