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Monday, November 10, 2014

New Exhibit at MSU's LookOut! Gallery Highlights Chilean Textiles


From November 3 through November 21, 2014, visit the RCAH LookOut! Art Gallery for "Tapestry as Testimony: Arpilleras of Chile," an exhibition of Chilean arpilleras from the collection of Eliana Loveluck, and for "Broken," an installation addressing human trafficking by Sally Thielen and Susan Clinthorne.
Beyond LookOut! Art Gallery's hours of M-F, 12 to 3 p.m., you can visit the exhibition during the following events, which are free and open to the public.

Additional events include...

Sewing Workshop

On Tuesday, November 11, 2014, from 7 to 9:30 p.m., the RCAH Sewing Club will host an arpillera workshop in coordination with the RCAH LookOut! Art Gallery's "Tapestry as Testimony: Arpilleras of Chile" exhibition of Chilean arpilleras from the collection of Eliana Loveluck.
Participants will visit the exhibit and then go to the studio to create art in response to the question of, "How do you tell a story about social justice or sense of place in a single image?"
All materials are provided, but feel free to bring fabric scraps, buttons, and trim.
Political themes are encouraged but not necessary. Sewing is also not necessary, but is an option.

Panel Discussion

On Thursday, November 13, 2014, from 3 to 4:30 p.m. in C202 Snyder Hall, join MSU Peace and Justice Studies and the RCAH for a panel discussion about arpilleras in the context of General Augusto Pinochet's brutal dictatorship. Light refreshments will be available in LookOut! Art Gallery after the panel discussion.


On FridayNovember 14, 2014, from 3 to 4:30 p.m. in LookOut! Art Gallery, meet artists Sally Thielen and Susan Clinthorne in conjunction with the MSU Center for Gender in Global Context human trafficking film screening and conference.

Click here for more details about the exhibition!