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Friday, March 27, 2015

The Alan Lomax Archive Goes Live!

As described by NPR, it's "kind of like Pandora for grad students."

Though this archive was released to the public in 2012, it has recently been getting national press as people begin to use and understand it more fully. The Association for Cultural Equity, an organization originally founded by Alan Lomax and now run by his daughter, has created an excellent resource, featuring over 17,000 audio recordings, as well as photographic images, video recordings, and radio programs generated by master folklorist Alan Lomax.

This fits in nicely with the MSU Museum's recently opened exhibition, "Michigan Folksong Legacy: Grand Discoveries From the Great Depression." Lomax's Michigan collection, discussed in the exhibit, is in the process of digitization and will hopefully be available soon through the Lomax Family Collection of the American Folklife Center. We can't wait!

A young Alan Lomax
CBS Promotional photo from the 1940s