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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Brighton Woodcarver Donates Collection to DNR

What does a lifetime of woodcarving yield? Perhaps a trained eye for detail and impressive dexterity, but for certain it yields an immense amount of wood items. Such is the case for Walt Gursky of Brighton, Michigan who is seeking to donate his collection of handcarved fish found in Michigan to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.  An article illuminating Gursky's work recently appeared in the Livingston Daily.

Photo Alan Ward/Livingston Daily

Walt learned woodworking from his father who "made wooden barrels for the Tokaj wine region in his home country of Slovakia." Walt has kept the tradition in the family by passing on his knowledge and skills to his four sons. Walt carves not only fish, but anything from whistles and kitchen utensils to models of Michigan birds. His carvings are available to purchase at Wildernest in Brighton.

To read more about Walt Gursky from the Livingston Daily, follow the link:  Brighton man reels in wooden fish with talented hands

The Michigan Traditional Arts Program seeks artists like Walt to participate in our Apprenticeship and Heritage Awards programs. The Michigan Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program awards a master and their apprentice a $2000 stipend to support one-on-one learning experiences that take place February through August. The Michigan Heritage Awards celebrates tradition bearers and supporters of traditional culture who have made significant contributions to our state's heritage. The deadline to apply for both programs is December 1st but applications are accepted year-round.