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Friday, September 18, 2015

Check Out the MTAP YouTube Channel!

The Michigan Traditional Arts Program has a wonderful YouTube channel highlighting traditional artists in our state. These videos are a great resource to learn about and experience Michigan's folklife.

Some videos are music performances from past Great Lakes Folk Festival and Festival of Michigan Folklife.  For example, check out this video of Howard Armstrong and Ted Bogan at the 1989 Festival of Michigan Folklife:

Some videos are interviews with Michigan Heritage Award recipients, Michigan Traditional Arts Apprenticeship masters, and tradition-bearers from around the state.  Listen to Patricia Shackleton, 2013 MTAAP master, speak about birch bark cutouts:

There are videos on an array of topics, from quilting to metalworking, that highlight the rich diversity of traditional arts in Michigan.  Subscribe to the MTAP YouTube channel today to keep up-to-date as new videos are posted!