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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

New MTAP Video on the Masters of Harmony

Check out the new video added to Michigan Traditional Art Program’s YouTube channel! It highlights the Masters of Harmony, an a cappella Gospel group from Detroit, Michigan.  In the video we hear how the Masters of Harmony came to be and how each member started singing Gospel.

The Masters of Harmony performed recently at the 2015 GreatLakes Folk Festival.  After their GLFF performance, volunteer Dave Langdon and Molly McBride were able to sit down with the group and interview them.  Current members are Thomas Kelly, Neal Lewis, O’Bryant Walker, and David Grear.  Masters of Harmony was formed in 1952 by Thomas Kelly, who has been singing Gospel since 1926.  Since 1952, there have been many different members and sometimes four to six men.  They have performed along side Gospel music’s most prominent ensembles.

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